Sarah Pearce is a speaker, business coach, trainer and author of 2 books. A wealth of knowledge and excellent guide for business operators who are struggling to find their way through some of the hurdles they face in the current fast-moving and often highly technically challenging marketplace.



Built on WordPress


Sarah is a friend of mine and asked me for advice about her website. She’s an amazing personal brand coach and has provided me with a lot of excellent guidance, so I felt I owed her a ‘proper’ look at what might be holding her website back. Cutting to the chase, we opted to replace the site she had rather than try to fix all the issues in the current site. Design and build took a little over two weeks from scratch. The site now boasts A-grade speed performance tested by, has had HTTPs added, structurally completely rebuilt in the latest code versions and is on the way to being fully search optimised. Database footprint was cut from almost 90Mb down to just 10Mb and total site size was reduced from 900Mb to under 100Mb thanks to resolving serious storage issues with images.


Design borrowed from Sarah’s other presentation material – so I certainly cant take any credit for the choice of bold colours and lines, but general composition was up to me. I opted for monochrome images in the header to compliment the bright colours elsewhere.

Additional Functions

  • Run on SSL (https)
  • WAF Firewall
  • Blog
  • GTM implementation of Analytics
  • Popup forms and video windows
  • Dynamic testimonial addition into masonry

Before (built by another party)