Website owned and operated by a good friend of mine.

A time proven success formula is known as “build your success on the success of others”. We find this to be a very true saying, and we welcome our clients to directly apply this to us. We have “been there and done that”. We have seen it all. Take advantage of our many years of experience in the Foreign Exchange marketplace.

ManagedForexHub makes it as simple as possible for investors to start trading foreign currencies – a practice that your bank is probably doing with your savings. So why not own it?



Built on WordPress


This is a complete rebuild of a site that was originally assembled and skinned in Canada, but with no code shared and no design files made available, rebuilding it to my own preferred form and functional style was actually easier than taking over someone else’s code. It’s a project I did for a mate, all done and dusted within about 2 weeks, with some rebuild due to changes in content and some minor updates on a monthly basis.


Design iteration 2.0. Fully responsive to screen size. Reskinned from an example, with my own flavour to bring it into the modern age.

Additional Functions

  • Run on SSL (https)
  • WAF Firewall
  • Pricing Tables
  • Remote JS-driven updates with tables and graphs
  • iFrame elements to ensure updated content is most timely