Auto Parts Discounted for quality used and remanufactured parts at prices you can afford. Built for a great friend of mine in the USA.

Auto Parts Discounted® has the largest, most comprehensive database of engines, transmissions, control modules and assorted auto parts available. We have the best quality products at the absolute best pricing.  Our comprehensive inventory allows for a huge advantage and savings that are passed down to our clients. You need it, we’ve got it available.



Built on WordPress


This brief came out of the blue. My friend of 11 years sends a message (from Florida) to say “I’m leaving my job, I need a website by next week” (or words to that effect). This entire website project was completed in the space of 40 hours (after hours) labour over a more realistic 3 weeks. It included building an Adwords campaign covering over 100 makes of cars and 600 different types of parts, and tracked using Google Click ID implementation for offline conversion tracking. First-step conversions being the enquiry form or clickable phone numbers. The enquiry form passes GCLID data that can be fed back to attribute sale against precise lead source. Campaign operates USA nationwide.


Design iteration 1.0. Fully responsive to screen size, with some alternate elements for mobile devices, performs on all screens. One core request: “make it American”. I think I managed that OK.

Additional Functions

  • Run on SSL (https)
  • WAF Firewall
  • Fully integrated Analytics
  • GCLID implementation