Auto Computers Discounted┬«┬áis a auto control module specialist repair service providing re-manufacturing and re-programming of vehicle computers. This is design v2.0. The first version was primarily a dupe off Auto Parts Discounted, but with the second version the owner and I agreed I would have ‘carte blanche’ to create the design layout I thought would be best.



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After discovering some of the challenges that came along with selling automotive engines between U.S. states, my buddy opted to pursue opportunities in service and repair of a much lower value but more portable component – Auto Control Modules. The challenge here is to serve effective landing pages for all types of control modules and all makes and models of vehicle. The project started with a single page, but is in the process of evolving by extending the number of landing pages dedicated to serving the user within a single page and from either paid or organic lead-source.


Design iteration 2.0. First launched version 1 in June 2017 but quickly evolved to version 2 to support faster service and better design layout. Fully responsive to screen size, we are ignoring AMP and staying with optimised content as much as possible to minimise load times.

Additional Functions

  • Run on SSL (https)
  • WAF Firewall
  • Google Tag Manager with GA monitors on-page functions
  • GCLID implementation

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