SEO Services

This was my second ‘seo services’ website project, built to prove that getting the first version to rank #1 in New Zealand wasn’t just luck. This version, ranked #1 in Google since 2013 for over 50 industry-relevant search phrases has been one of the most dominant websites in the industry in the last few years. Many SEO experiments have been run on this site, at risk of rank loss, but in the interests of testing without risking losses to my clients.

Original build: 2013, current design version 2016 June 2017



Built on WordPress


Built around the principle of sharing good info about SEO with anyone who cared to read about it, this site was the second of my sites to provide a simple process for performing SEO, in overview. An objective that Cranked SEO would carry on with to much greater extent. The SEO work executed on this website was what I considered to be as ‘future-proof’ as reasonably possible back in 2013. A basic principle that I’ve held fast for my clients as well and has served them well.


Design iteration¬†6.1 and likely to move to 7.0 in the course of 2017 Yep, I did it in June 2017 – proving that design is not a major factor for SEO so long as design doesn’t interfere with SEO elements. Fully responsive to screen size, this is my first site to be built as mobile-first.

Additional Functions

  • Run on SSL (https)
  • Browser cache, page preload, CSS and JS minify
  • WAF Firewall
  • SEO¬†optimised

Design revision 6.1

Design revision 7.0 – June 2017