A very minimalist tribute to my vanity probably, but with some underlying purpose – to occupy a search space for my name. It serves no business purpose and existed originally only because it could. Meanwhile though, I discovered I had a at least a couple of SEO questions that I use it to help answer.



Built on WordPress


The original purpose of this site is to full a search query for my name. It was later used as a testing platform to see how exclusivity of brand name (in the case my personal name) can work in relation to Google rank. How easy is it to rank for a unique name? The answer: very easy. The site doesn’t even need to be optimised much at all, it just needs to be discoverable and directly submitted to Google.

The site served a further¬†purpose of being able to test Google Adwords CPC for a zero-competitor genre using a perfect match keyword for the domain. i.e. using the paid keyword “perry bernard” where there are no competitors – and the site is about me, so a perfect match for the query. In theory, Google’s CPC should be just $0.01. It was in fact over $1.00. You have to ask: why?


Intentionally built as a minimalist design with almost no colour, turns out to be a fairly nice professional look, in my opinion. Design revision 2.

Additional Functions

  • Run on SSL (https)
  • WAF Firewall
  • Browser cache, page preload, CSS and JS minify