Currently a ‘mock business’ with leads passed to my employer.

Many businesses struggle to extract real actionable data from Google Analytics. The level of expertise needed to fully understand and interpret the data presented often just isn’t affordable for SMEs to realise in a full time employee. GABI offers Google Analytics Business Intelligence on a contract basis, at the highest levels of expertise and at a fraction of the cost of having a dedicated analyst on staff.


Built on WordPress


From start to finish, less than 40 hours of work. A simple project with a few core pages to deliver essential information and an invitation to connect. GABI is a lead source generator designed for inbound marketing via Google Adwords that target narrow niche searches. Each page is primed to measure interactions and report events and goals via Analytics to tune conversion parameters. A pure business machine.


Design iteration 1.0. Fully responsive to screen size, with some alternate elements for mobile devices, responds beautifully on all screens.

Additional Functions

  • Run on SSL (https)
  • WAF Firewall
  • Fully integrated Analytics
  • Conversion optimised

Full home page

Mobile format