The purpose of this website is to share a vaste volume of information about the topic of SEO. It’s not for lead generation or sales, but instead supports a growing knowledgebase that I refer users to when regularly asked similar questions about SEO. It’s also a platform where I share industry updates and news.

This is the 3rd design iteration for Cranked SEO.



Built on WordPress


The original site began construction in 2015, and while the skinning process took a relatively short time, the content is a culmination of around 1000 hours work, covers several core topics within the subject of SEO and has a volume of approximately 200,000 words. Its longest single page contains 40,000 words. While never really ‘complete’, this website reached its current form in mid 2016.


Design iteration 3.0, original by Perry Bernard. Fully responsive to screen size, with emphasis on rendering on mobile

Additional Functions

  • Run on SSL (https)
  • WAF Firewall
  • Chat
  • Page Preload, Browser Cache & Minify