Thank-you for taking the time to visit.

The websites in this portfolio are extraordinary.

This is not because they are especially better in design than other websites, nor because they are incredibly famous for anything, but because they are built to serve a clear purpose that goes far beyond how they look. Their function and content are dictated by that purpose. Their design and layout had to work around these as important but none-the-less secondary. It doesn’t mean they had to be ugly.

I’ve identified a serious problem with the web industry. A common practice is for websites to be built to satisfy the business owner’s design or development requirements. On the face of it, that seems to be just fine, however, the key factor that’s missing is the business requirement. The resulting website might be a stunning work of art, or technically brilliant, but if it fails to satisfy the business performance needs, then it simply fails. This has to change.

If there is one key thing you should know after having visited here, it’s this: I am neither a website designer, nor a web developer, nor an marketing specialist: I help facilitate successful online business – I build websites for business purpose first and foremost.

This is the way websites should be built.