A Unique Range of Skills

As an Honours Graduate with a degree in Linguistics, I carry a more than average¬†understanding of language and its intricacies. Search Engine Marketing (a.k.a. Google marketing) moved away from being biased toward the importance of links or technical ‘tricks’ and is now heavily dependent on language and especially semantics. This puts me in a fortunate position of advantage.

Entrepreneurial Background

First and foremost, and the real reason why search engine optimisation, websites and online business is of such an interest to me is because I love business. For every project, ever website, every page and every block of text, I ask myself (and my clients): “Why is these here and how will it work for your business?” If you value anything about my input in your project, you should value this the most. The rest of my skills are worth nothing to you without the mutual understanding of these simple but critical questions.

I have owned several businesses and regularly help others found theirs.

Google Analytics Certified

I first attained the GAIQ certification in 2013 and have retained it ever since. The certification requires passing refresher exams on a regular basis to ensure knowledge is current and keeps up with any significant changes in the way GA operates.

Google Adwords Advanced Search

This qualification establishes me as an expert operator in delivery of Google search advertising services to clients. It’s an exam-based qualification with an 80% minimum pass rate. Held since 2014.

Google Partners Programme

I have been a member of the Google Partners programme since 2014 and my membership is what has helped attribute Google Partner Status to my current and past employer’s agencies.


  • BA-Hons Linguistics, Grammar, Syntax, Semantics, Phonology, Morphology
  • BA Major in Linguistics, Minor in Russian Language
  • Certificate in Tertiary Teaching