I am an entrepreneur with a 30 year history of both business successes and failures.

For the last little while, I have been on hiatus from business pursuits and instead have been gearing up a skill set that can power just about any viable business to success: the power to master Google search. I started my journey by discovering the secrets of organic rank, but have also mastered the power of paid advertising.

This isn’t why I built this website though. I have other websites better positioned to promote such things! This website is here purely for fun. To practice building and hone skills other than search marketing to become an all-rounder, able to approach any challenge of digital marketing head-on.

I don’t like being second-best. I don’t like the words ‘I don’t know’. It’s my mission to excel, lead the way, and help others succeed.

My contact details are:

  • email: mail@perrybernard.com
  • phone: +64 21 239-9106
  • linkedin:¬†https://www.linkedin.com/in/perrybernard/


I frankly didn’t have an amazing education. Not to say bad things about my schooling – I just wasn’t awesome at learning. I had a great groundwork of knowledge and ability that I thank my parents for, but when it came to learning something new, I really wasn’t all that motivated.

I grew up in a forestry town in the South Waikato. With my appearance came an expectation that I knew about local culture, since I looked just like any young Maori boy my age, but my home life was dominated by European culture. It made it very difficult to fit in.

A lot of time alone was filled with trying my best at many different sports and a need to excel was born.

First Business

My first commercial enterprise was Impact Photographics – a Kodak Express lab and retail outfit in the town where I grew up. This is where I practiced my customer service skills, and developed a side business as a photographer for weddings and special events.


In 1998 I became the national trainer for photolab operations for the Eastman Kodak Company (NZ) Ltd. It sparked an interest in teaching, speaking and presenting to groups. My role at Kodak also required that I help manage the operations of up to 30 photolabs and their staff for two iconic nationwide retail chains.


I developed an interest in language as a child but didn’t realise the passion until adulthood when it was re-ignited by developments in Artificial Intelligence. In 2003 I enrolled at the University of Auckland to learn linguistics – the science of language. I complimented this with a study of Russian language. To me, language diversity reinforces perception of underlying meaning and reveals a universality and similarity between people of all cultures.


The future will be exciting, prosperous and fast changing. I’m ready for it.